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Methods is a friendly online creative lounge and tech studio. Serving timeless techniques for all things digital with a dash of ease and delight.

A creative  lounge
& technology studio
proudly Made in NYC

Explore a digital makeover

You've probably been using the same digital tools for some time now. Rituals are great and yet old habits can can get dull after a while. Put some spark into your process with our personalized studio sessions where we reimagine how you uniquely compute, capture, collaborate and create digitally.
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Find your perfect pairing

There's a lot of noise out there today. Let's cut through the normal anxiety of searching for the right digital platforms, partners or workflows to bring your next project or venture to life. Tell us exactly what you're looking for and we'll help you curate the right people and products.
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Come chill with us in the lounge

First time here? Grab your drink of choice and join us virtually on a coming Friday to explore your most pressing creative, digital, and tech questions. It's our style of collaborative co-working that is open to all — especially independent freelancers, creators and small business makers.
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Hey, I'm Josiah.

I mentor individuals, freelancers and teams to creatively simplify and shape their digital environments.

I believe that calm tech leads to resounding productivity and fulfilling collaboration.

If you're searching for better methods for how you tech, take a look around and come say hello on a coming Friday.

I can't wait to meet you!

friends we've made along the way